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DIY cardboard tube superhero cars

toilet paper cardboard cars

Here are some easy to create superhero cardboard cars from recycled toilet paper tubes. Kids love this DIY activity, when superheros, paint and cars are involved you can’t lose, right? This is also a great craft for a birthday party activity.

Step 1: Download and print the superhero logos and decorations.

superhero activities for children

You will find below a link to download a PDF file to print. They are the superhero logos for Batman, Superman, Iron Man and so on… They will be used to decorate the tubes once painted.

The supplies needed to make these cars are: cardboard tubes, A4 80 grams printing paper, acrylic paint, scissors, brass brads, cutter, glue, and a cardboard sheet for the wheels. Once printed cut the logos and decorations, ready to be glued onto the car bodies.

Click here to download the Super Hero logos.

superhero activitiesStep 2: Paint the toilet paper tubes.

superhero cardboard cars

We use acrylic paint to decorate the cardboard tubes. The general idea is to use the colors specific to each superhero but keep it simple by coloring simple shapes like stripes along the tubes. Once the paint is dry, cut out an H shape with scissors, to create the car cockpit. Lift up the front part of the cut to create the windshield.

Step 3: Make the wheels.

recycled cardboard tubes craft

Take a piece of a toilet paper roll tube, and use it to draw circles on a sheet of cardboard.
Cut them with a pair of scissors. Paint them a cool color.

Step 4: Putting it all together.

superhero activities birthday party

Gather your superhero logos and decorations, your painted tubes, wheels and brass Brads (4 for each car). Start by punching a hole in the center of a wheel, with the tip of a scissor, and do the same on the side of the toilet paper tube. Set the correct height of the wheel as well. Attach the four wheels with the Brads. Put the final touch on the car by gluing the superhero logos.

toilet paper roll crafts for kids

cardboard toy car

superhero diy crafts

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